Spare parts for Classified wheels

Spare parts can be ordered through your Classified dealer or distributor.

For dealers and distributors: spare parts can be ordered through our B2B webshop.



Classified front hub SP24 Non-Boost



Classified front hub JB32 Boost FHB-JB0B-A00-A-00 €150

Classified front hub SP28 Boost

FHB-SP0B-A00-A-00 €150
Classified front hub JB32 Non-Boost FHB-JBNB-A00-A-00 €150
Front Hub Bearing BEF-0002-A00-A-00


Classified Hubshell JB32 Boost HBS-JB0B-A00-A-00 €100
Classified Hubshell SP24 Non-Boost HBS-SPNB-A00-A-00 €100
Classified Hubshell SP28 Boost HBS-SP0B-A00-A-00 €100
Classified Hubshell JB32 Non-Boost HBS-JBNB-A00-A-00 €100
Hubshell lockring HLR-0000-A00-A-00



Spokes and nipples:

Nipple (5) NIP-00DT-A00-A-00


Spoke 288mm [(NDS, G30, R)]  SDT-0288-A00-A-00


Spoke 290mm [(NDS, G30, F)]  SDT-0290-A00-A-00 €3.60
Spoke 270mm [(DS, R50, R) & (NDS, R50, F)]  SDT-0270-A00-A-00 €3.60
Spoke 292mm [(DS, G30,F) & (DS, G30, R)]  SDT-0292-A00-A-00 €3.60
Spoke 268mm [(DS, R50, F)]  SDT-0268-A00-A-00 €3.60
Spoke 286mm [(NDS, R35, F)]  SDT-0286-A00-A-00 €3.60
Spoke 284mm [(DS, R35, F) & (DS, R35, R)]  SDT-0284-A00-A-00 €3.60
Spoke 280mm [(NDS, R35, R)]  SDT-0280-A00-A-00 €3.60
Spoke 266mm [(NDS, R50, R)]  SDT-0266-A00-A-00 €3.60

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