Pairing the ring shifter with the thru axle

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1. Disassemble the smart thru axle.

2. Turn the bayonet lock (1) counter-clockwise past the release sign and the bayonet lock is automatically released.

3. Use a standard needle-nosed tool (such as a Torx T5 screwdriver) to push and hold the button (2) of the smart thru-axle for at least 5 seconds until the LED (5) starts to blink.

4. Push the flatbar handlebar unit (4) up and hold it for at least 5 seconds, then let go.
The LED (3) blinks green for 5 seconds.

5. In the 5 seconds after releasing the handlebar unit in the previous step, push the flatbar handlebar unit down and hold it for 1 second, then let go. The device is pairing when the LED blinks green for up to 60 seconds. If the LED is not blinking, the device is not pairing. In that case, try again from step 3.

  • If the LED blinks a bit slower for 1.5 seconds within those 60 seconds, pairing has been successful!
  • If the LED blinks red for 1.5 seconds after the 60 seconds are over, pairing was unsuccessful.

6. Check the pairing by shifting the Classified Powershift hub using the flatbar handlebar unit.
The LED of the flatbar handlebar unit and the LED of the smart thru axle both briefly light up when shifting.

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