Shift button and installation

By default our Powershift set comes with our own sprint button (which was also tested and validated extensively by pro-riders), this way we can ensure maximal compatibility with minimal complexity, such that Classified Powershift can be used with existing groupsets (both electric/wireless & mechanical) of Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo (each with their own proprietary shifting lever technology).


1. The Classified shift button

Through a compatible shifter or satellite button, a shifting command is sent to the handlebar unit. The handlebar unit wirelessly transmits the shifting command to the smart thru axle using Bluetooth®. The smart thru axle transfers the power needed for shifting and the shifting command to the Powershift hub. The shifting takes place internally within the Powershift hub.


2. Installation of the shift button

To install the shift button, you need Di2 compatible handlebars. Those have a hole drilled in, so that the wire of the shifter can go through. The wire of the shift button has to be plugged into the handlebar unit, that will be plugged into the left bar end. The shift button can be installed anywhere on the handlebars, completely tailored to the rider's preferences in a spot that is easy to reach while riding.


Typically the shift button is positioned close to the edge of the rubber lever hood, on the left side of the handlebars, as you can see in the picture. The installation is done before putting the bartape on the handlebars so that the bar tape can neatly be wrapped around the button for a clean look.


Some riders position the button under the rubber lever hood to move it closer to their hands.

Ontwerp zonder titel.png


You can cut a small hole in the rubber hood for the button to stick through, which offers a really seamless look in the end. This may help with reaching issues.


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