Warranty terms & conditions

This document contains Classified Cycling BV's (hereinafter "Classified") warranty policy. his policy is applicable for Classified and any and all of Classified's affiliates or subsidiaries that may exist from time to time.

  • Should manufacturing or material defects occur, Classified will repair or replace your products, free of charge, within the 24-month warranty period.
  • The warranty period starts from the date of purchase.
  • The warranty applies only to the original end-consumer purchaser and is not transferable. The original sales receipt with the date of purchase and the name of the purchaser should be presented.
  • The warranty applies to material or manufacturing defects. Wearing parts such as cassette & chainring teeth, rim tape, pawls, ratchets, bearings, freehub bodies, seals, decoration, and spokes are excluded, unless a defect occurs which has no correlation to the wear level of a wearing part.
  • The warranty assumes that all information about assembly, handling, maintenance and intended use in the user manual has been observed and respected. The product must not have been modified or used in combination with incompatible parts, or outside the specification of the products.
  • The warranty assumes the absence of any impact caused by sharp items, due to torsion, compression, crushing, a fall, an abnormal impact, an abnormal heat source effect, or other actions not under Classified's reasonable control.
  • The warranty assumes proper transportation, handling, and storage of the Product.
  • The serial number of the Product must be clearly legible.
  • Parts returned to Classified for warranty replacement, will become property of Classified once sent to Classified. In the case of warranty replacement, Classified may provide refurbished products hubs instead of a new ones. Classified reserves the right to repair instead of replace your product.
  • The liability of Classified under this warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of the product and does not cover any indirect, incidental or consequential damages, including but not limited to, damages for personal injury, property damage, or economic losses.
  • No warranty shall be applicable, and Classified cannot be held liable (directly or indirectly) for any damages or losses in the event any products or goods are not or have not been installed, maintained, stored or used in any other way in accordance with the policies, guidelines, applicable rules and regulations, manuals, service bulletins or any other documents from Classified (as issued, amended, supplemented or changed, from time to time). Classified reserves the right to at all times update, change amend, supplement any policies, guidelines, manuals, service bulletins or any other documents from Classified.
  • The place of performance and jurisdiction is Antwerp/Belgium. Belgian law shall apply.


Check our warranty procedure to make a warranty claim.


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