Locate your handlebar unit's serial number

The various Classified components are labelled with a serial number. You can find the serial number on the sticker on the components, behind S/N: xxxxxxx In this article we explain the location of the serial number of the dropbar handlebar unit and how to remove the component from your bike to be able to check the number.


1. Location of the serial number


2. How to remove the dropbar handlebar unit

You can check the dropbar handlebar unit's serial number without removing the bartape from your handlebar.


a) Loosen the two Torx T5 screws on the dropbar handlebar unit.

b) Pry the handlebar unit from the dropbar handlebar unit using a flat-head screwdriver. If required, you can lightly squeeze the edges of the holder in the handlebar to facilitate removing the dropbar handlebar unit.

c) You can find the serial number on the sticker. It is indicated with S/N: xxxxxxx

d) Reinstall all parts in the reverse order of removal. Pay special attention to the following:

  • Ensure that the rubber seal between the battery holder and the housing is installed correctly in the groove.
  • Install the connector fully up against the handlebar unit. Before continuing the installation, check that the LED blinks both when shifting up and when shifting down.

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