Recharging the battery of the smart thru axle

The battery in the smart thru axle cannot be replaced, but it can be recharged. You can use a fully charged battery for 2 to 3 months, depending on usage. The more you ride and the more you shift, the sooner the battery will need to be recharged. If the Classified Powershift hub is exposed to vibrations during extended transport, the battery will discharge more quickly. Recharging takes about 4 hours at room temperature.


CAUTION: NEVER recharge the battery of the smart thru axle while riding. If you do so, the smart thru axle will no longer be dust and water tight.

NOTE: During recharging, the smart thru axle must be dry, and the unit must be recharged in a dry place. The bayonet cap must be placed on the handle of the axle before you start riding again. This cap ensures that water and dust can't damage the thru axle.


1. Remove the smart thru axle.

2. Turn the bayonet lock counter-clockwise past the release sign (A).

3. Remove the bayonet lock (1) from the thru axle lever. (B)

4. Connect the USB cable (2). (C) Only use the supplied USB cable.

5. Connect the other end of the cable to a 5V USB charger. The LED (3) will blink green while charging and remain steady green when the battery is fully charged.

6. After fully charging the battery, remove the cable and reinstall the bayonet lock correctly.


WARNING: Not reinstalling the bayonet lock correctly will result in damage to the smart thru axle from moisture and dust.

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