Thru axle allignment

Thru axle alignment is critical to ensure an optimal shift performance.


Classified’s smart thru axles are modular, to make sure our Powershift technology can be installed on most bikes in the market. The thru axle can vary in:

      • Length: A-B-C for most Road/Gravel bikes, D-E for most Titanium/gravel/MTB bikes.
      • Threaded ends (type and length).
      • Spacers installed on the non-drive side (between frame and thru axle lever) so the axle can be tightened without touching the frame.

The thru axle receives a wireless bluetooth signal from the handle bar unit and both LED’s should light up green each time the shift button is pressed. The thru axle sends a wireless energy transfer to trigger the shift in the hub via the coil on the thru axle. Therefore the position (allignment) of the thru axle in the frame is important to make the Powershift hub work flawlessly.



1. Selecting and installing the thru axle

The process of selecting the correct lenght of the thru axle and it's installation on the bike is described in this article.


2. Install the correct amount of spacers

1. Check the line engravings on the axle (on the older versions of the Classified thru axle, it’s possible these engravings are not yet printed): the right of the 2 lines should be visible from the inside of the frame (on the non-drive side), whereas the left line should not be visible.


2. Check how many mm of spacing need to be added, between the lever of the thru axle and the non-drive side of the frame. If you ahve to add metal spacers, ensure that they are always between plastic rings to avoid creacking noises.



3. Check the position of the coil of the thru axle and the threaded end on the inside of the drive side of the frame: the thread should be completely in the frame, whereas the coil should be completely on the inside of the frame.


Correct installation of the thru axle..jpg


NOTE: For an Open WI.DE. frame we recommend the following spacer set-up:

  • Thru axle size B
  • One 5mm spacer, two 2mm spacers and one conicle spacer.
  • Add grease on the locknut



3. Extra checks

1. You can do a double check on the threaded end lenght by comparing with the original thru axle. We advise to choose the closest match possible. If you don't have an exact match, it is better to select one that is a little bit longer instead of a little bit shorter.


Correct installation of the thru axle. (1).jpg


2.Check if the coil of the thru axle is correctly positioned in the hub, and the threaded end is completely outside of the hub (but the coil is not visible).


Correct installation of the thru axle. (2).jpg


4. Allign the position of the thru axle handle

1. Fully tighten the thru axle (hand-tight, approx 5Nm).


2. Take note of the position of the thru axle handle, It is import that the handle points towards the handle bar unit for optimal connectivity between the axle and the handle bar unit. When the position is not as it should be, remove the thru axle from the frame, loosen the threaded end bolt so you can pull out the thread end (don’t remove the bolt entirely), pull the threaded end outwards while keeping the thru axle in the same position, rotate the lever in the desired position, push the threaded end back in and tighten to 4Nm with and Allen key size 3. If not in the optimal position yet, repeat the proces. Watch the below video for detailed instructions.

When the position of the handle is good, you can fully tighten the threaded end bolt again. Apply a drop of loctite on the bolt before you tighten it to 4 Nm.




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