Is Classified compatible with Ebikes?

Classified can be used on Electric Road & Gravel bikes if they meet the below compatibility requirements:


Requirements for a 142 mm hub:

  • Front chainring with at least 46 teeth for all applications
  • Minimum 40T chainring use in combination with 11-27, 11-30, 11-32 and 11-34 cassettes.
  • Maximum 11-34T cassette for electric bicycles
  • Maximum 11-40T cassette for non-electric bicycles
  • Maximum 70 Nm mid-drive motor

Requirements for a 148 mm hub:

  • Front chainring with at least 30 teeth for all applications
  • Maximum 11-40T cassette for all applications
  • Not suitable for use in electric mountain bikes

The classified Powershift hub also exists with a 9-spline interface and can also be used on e-bikes with a belt drive.


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