What maintenance is required?

The hub's internals are desiged to be maintainance-free. Wheel bearings are, however, subject to wear as with any other hub, and can be replaced. Therefore we have developed Classified factory service. If you experience play on your Classified hub or the bearings are feeling a bit rough, you can book a service with a certified dealer and get a pit stop hub while your own hub is in for service. A service can also be booked with any Classified dealer, or directly at Classified.


Please check the following articles to learn more about the service:

Factory Service terms & conditions

Factory service procedure


For post-mount frames, there is a frame protection plate where the torque support arm touches the frame. As part of regular maintenance, please check the state of the frame protection plate, at least every 1000 kilometers. Replace the protection plate as soon as it starts showing signs of wearing.

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