Factory Service terms & conditions

1. What is Classified Factory Service?

Classified Factory Service is meant for everyone that wants to maintain their hub to ensure a long life of it. You can request the service whenever you want or feel the need for it, up to 10 years after the date of purchase. In this article you can find guidelines to find out when a service is needed.


The Factory Service is not just a tune-up, it’s a comprehensive care package for your hub and includes the following:

  • Full hub inspection
  • Bearings replacement
  • Regreasing of the hub
  • End of line efficiency testing

The service is backed by a one-year warranty* on the serviced hub and will costs 199 EUR**. This price is the same, where ever you are in the world and includes shipping to our headquarters in Belgium and back. 


The service has to be scheduled in advance and depending on the workload, Classified has the right to propose a date, other than your requested service date. This is to ensure a throughput time of 5 days (excluding shipping cost).


The service can be requested at any Classified dealer. Classified Certified Dealers have pit stop hubs available***. While your own hub is sent to Classified for service, you can use this pit stop hub until your hub is ready, so there are no lost miles! When your hub arrives back at the bikeshop, your dealer will swap the pit stop hub for your own, newly serviced hub.


You can also request this factory service directly at Classified by submitting a service request.


For more details about how to request a service, you can read this article: Factory service procedure.


* For future warranty cases we look at the end date of the legal warranty, the extended warranty, or the warranty end date of the serviced hub, whichever comes last.

** Classified reserves the right to ask extra charges for the Factory Service, on top of the 199 EUR in case more services have to be applied or more parts need to be replaced. In that case we will always send the customer a quote for approval.

*** The use of the pit stop hub is free, and depends on the availbility at the dealer. Contact your local Classified Certified dealer to check availability of pit stop hubs.

**** Classified reserves the right to replace your hub with a new or refurbished alternative in case your hub is declared unrepairable.




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