Efficiency gains

Using the most accurate test conditions ever seen in the bicycle industry, Classified proves that the Powershift hub is over 99% efficient in both the 1:1 and 0.7 gear ratios.

By removing the front derailleur and developing the Powershift hub, Classified set out to create a more reliable shifting experience by enhancing the control and functionality needed for optimal riding. The result is a more efficient and durable drivetrain solution. 


Testing & Efficiency

Drawing on our experience in the automotive industry, Classified tested the Powershift hub to the highest standards, using a test rig specifically designed to measure power loss with a maximum error of 0.1%. The results of these tests show that the hub is 99.8% efficient in the 1:1 ratio, the same as a DT Swiss 240 hub (industry standard) measured on the same test rig, and 99.2% efficient in the 0.7 ratio, making it the most efficient internally geared hub ever created.  

The efficiency of the Classified hub depends on the efficiency of the planetary gear. Planetary gearboxes have long been used in the automotive industry, with tests and computer simulations routinely recording gearbox efficiencies of 99% and above. References can be found in our white paper. With reliability and durability being the primary benefits of other multi-speed hubs (Rohloff, Sturmey Archer), the efficiency of a multi-speed hub has never been a primary design objective.

Classified is the first company to truly increase the efficiency of an internally geared hub.

An efficient planetary gear

At Classified we have used our expertise in automotive transmissions to maximise the efficiency of the planetary gear. We have increased the efficiency of the hub by using a small 0.6 tooth module, the most efficient planetary gear topology with the sun fixed to the axle, precision-made needle bearings and precision-machined gears. Unlike other multi-speed hubs, the Powershift hub uses only one set of planetary gears, maximising efficiency by design. This allows Classified to maximise the efficiency of Powershift Technology while keeping the weight of the planetary gear system low.


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