Shift performance issues

When your Classified Powershift hub is not shifting as expected, there is a number of things that you can check before you contact support.


Cause Action How?
You have to press the shift button twice or more before the system shifts The thru axle enters sleep mode after 20 minutes of idle time If the smart thru axle does not move or receive a shifting command for 20 minutes, it enters sleep mode. When the smart thru axle is in sleep mode and the handlebar unit sends a shifting command, it takes a maximum of 5 seconds for the smart thru axle to wake up from sleep mode. Once that happens, you can start shifting with the Powershift hub again. As long as the smart thru axle is not in sleep mode, shifting will happen immediately when a shifting command is transmitted.
You experience delayed shifting the thru axle not alligned correctly Follow our thru axle allignment instructions
The cassette does not shift well

Possible causes:

  • Incompatible components
  • Derailleur settings
  • Wear of the drivetrain

When the drivetrain is completely new:

If not new: Check wear of the components

  • Chain: use a chain measurement tool to check the wear of the chain.
  • Cassette: check for any deformed/worn teeth.

Other   Contact Classified support

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