Play in hub

When your Classified Powershift hub seems to have play, we recommend you do some checks first before contacting Classified support.



Rectification How?
Lateral play when holding the hub in your hand This is normal and fixed when the wheel is installed in the bike -
Play when the wheel is mounted in the frame Properly install the wheel in the bike.
  • Check if the lockrings are properly tightened at 40Nm.
  • Check if the cassette is correctly installed (including plastic shim and cassette spindle in the notches of the hubshell).
  • Check if correct torque arm is installed.
  • Check if thru axle is firmly (hand-)tightened, regardless of the position the lever (receiver).

If there is still play present and/or noise audible in freewheel service might be needed. Check the information about Classified factory service.

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